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VA Software Corp. (LNUX). A bargain Linux stock for the democratic investor. February 13, 2006

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Well there is a little mousetrap for us, the proletarian investors. This trap is dangerous and can get us anytime. It is like a siren singing from apparently safe waters and can get our boat on the rocks. It comes under several names on important newspapers or website that we are so silly to trust. Well we, the people have a great heart and we need someone to trust, even if deeply inside we know that the newspaper we read everyday is no better that the newspaper packed of lies that our neighbour, poor like we are, reads.

Well the siren’s song ready to sink our few left dollar comes under sweet names like: “Five undervalued stocks that can make a difference” (by making us more poor than we already are of course!)” Or “Best 10 high yield stocks” or” 15 strong right companies that are reasonably priced.”

When we start reading an article like that, we are already trapped! Among those stocks we definitely will find one (or dramatically 2) that seem really a bargain. We go on. We buy… and 3 days after the stock has lost 3% of its value!

This time the mousetrap where your proletarian friend is going to get trapped appeared on CNN ( http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/09/technology/fastforward_fortune/index.htm ) is named VA Software Corp. (LNUX). It is the parent company of Sourceforge and Slashdot, which are the most important community sites on the web, because they are used by the community which made the web: the programmers.

If we proletarians have a monster in the basement who spends most of his time on the web, but not looking at naked girls like we would expect (and we would do) and is not chatting his life away, and has not abandoned his real life with us (honestly we can’t blame him for that) for a virtual online network game community… Well chances are that he is turning to a hacker, programmer and probably nerd, and Sourceforge and Slashdot are his daily bread.

But please democratic investor, don’t dream! He is not becoming the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but still he can make you a little bit richer by clicking on some advertising on those community sites that you are going to own with a few clicks and a few dollars left in your bank.

Those communities are strong, useful and they help building software worth billions, but free. Well be confident someone someday will make VA Software Corp. (LNUX) stop loosing money every quarter. And moreover this company has enough cash in its bank accounts to allow it to continue loosing money for years.

That is the funny part of the story, which will show the greedy nasty side of me, the proletarian investor. I will buy at 2 $ some stock that people bought at 250 $ just six years ago! With the IPO VA Software Corp. (LNUX) raised so much money that it still has its pockets full! So we can buy this lottery ticket for a 1000 $ and hope that by some magic it will go back to previous value 125.000 $ soon. Of course it is a dream, but we the poor, the modern proletarians need to dream, so I go ahead and buy. Now.

Good luck to you proletarians of the world!


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