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Even in this disaster Friday, Suntech (STP) managed to go up and reach my 40% target. October 19, 2007

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Suntech managed to avoid today’s sell-off because Goldman Sachs raised its rating on solar-panel maker from hold to buy. STP actually managed to reach my target 40% gain since May.

Because of my “Free stocks strategy”, today I sold 30 shares of Suntech, an excellent company, at $46.86 each. I cashed in $1406.

I had bought 40 STP shares at $33.4051 Each, spending a a total sum of $ 1336.

So I earned cash and got 10 free STP shares…

Suntech is a great company. I know I will cry for having sold 30 STP today, but my tears will be less bitter because of my 10 precious free STP shares which I’ll try to keep forever 🙂


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[…] shares are not expensive with their Forward P/E:13.21, I could resist the temptation to add up to my 10 free STP shares that I got last year with my World famous free stock […]

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