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iPhone 5 preview. Will it hurt Apple’s financials? July 7, 2010

Posted by deminvest in AAPL, Apple, growth stock, investment.
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Here it is:

iPhone 5 preview

Will it connect well and solve the "dropped conversations" issue?

I am curious to see if the issue connected to holding the iPhone 4 in your left hand will hurt Apple’s financials.

Apple says that iPhone 4 reception is better than the iPhone 3GS . Users seem to believe Apple. Sales seem to go on at the usual booming growth rate.

Still no sales data are coming out for July.

I think I’ll soon buy an iPhone4 myself.

Btw I was somewhat wrong about the iPad. I played with it yesterday and it is a cool toy. No wonder Steve Jobs  sold millions of them.


1. andrew - July 14, 2010

I hear everywhere from the news advice not to buy the iphone4. Don’t know why you wanna buy it now, specially with all these bad news coming from the press.


I think it won’t hurt financials. If it does and the share price goes substantially low, perhaps an opportunity to buy more?

(I’d rather get the HTC Desire/HTC incredible, even though I own APPL :-D)

2. Deminvest - July 15, 2010


The antenna issue is just a small problem for me… I’m right-handed and I would anyway want to use the iPhone protected by a cover.

Fixing the issue will cost Apple some money. Maybe $400 times 5.000.000 iPhones sold. $ 2 Billions. No big deal for a company making 10 Billion Net Earnings with YoY profit growth 89%. We would just see a slightly lower earnings growth.

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