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Here it is. The iPad sucks. I had guessed right. January 27, 2010

Posted by deminvest in AAPL, Apple, growth stock, nasdaq, Nasdaq stock.
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The iPad is an iPod on illegal steroids that lost its main functionality

I had guessed right the iPad sucks. It is just an overgrown iPhone that we can’t hold in our pockets or purses.

My guesses were right.

Reading a book on this iPad will kill our eyes. The stupid iPad lacks E Ink. It has a 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen that emits light. Its screen is about as bright as my HP notebook and can only be good to watch a movie. It would be a bloody punishment to force anybody read a 250 pages book on that shiny toy.

IPad look too fragile to be usable in rough places like buses or subways.

IPad won’t run most of the applications we chose to use for work, whatever our work is.

It is a cool useless piece of junk which, at least, will be affordable at $500.

here it the slippery  iPad
is it slipping from Steve Job’s hands?


1. Retirein - January 27, 2010

Even worse:


iPad hypersucks!

2. dumblikeapainter - January 27, 2010

You’re so right. Thumbs down. My favourite product from Apple was my ipod shuffle in 2007. iPad is a terrible name and not a product I’d buy for the reasons you outline.

3. deminvest - January 27, 2010

The iPhone is also a great product. I’m not sure Apple computers are worth their premium price.
What I do know is that this iPad sucks

4. kidwithcoolphone - January 27, 2010

they’re kind of stupid, they mad a giant piece of shiny toy that cant even do everything the iphone can, like who would spend $200+ for a bigger, crappier version of the iphone?….-.-

5. deminvest - January 28, 2010

As times goes by, more and more reasons why the iPad sucks come out:

No FLASH, will put holes in many websites your navigation

No USB port.

No WIDESCREEN to see movies a decent way

No OPERATING SYSTEM no Leopard, no Windows, no Linux. Only Apple store

6. andrew - April 21, 2010

IPad may suck in your opinion, but look at the beauty of the quarterly results for AAPL few days ago.. unreal. Do you think future results will be affected by the IPad “crappiness” ? I don’t think so… I actually think the product will be widely accepted. I wouldn’t buy it though :-), I’m not into the expensive-gadget thing… We’ll see!!

7. deminvest - April 27, 2010

I think future results of Apple are going to be awesome even if the iPad is a fad.

IPhones are amazing products. Everybody wants them. The New iPhone will be yet another must-have. Mac PCs are gaining market share too.

I am very happy to own 2 free AAPL shares with absolutely no intention to sell them ever 🙂


8. Andrew - May 5, 2010

Did you read the news? Apple recently announced that it sold 1 million IPads within the firstt 28 days after the launch of the device in the US. In comparison, it took 74 days for apple to sell 1 million IPhones in 2007 and Amazon sold only about 1 million Kindle e-readers throughout 2009. I’m sticking to my guns, it’ll be a success, 🙂

BTW, have you checked this site, http://www.trefis.com, pretty cool and it gives useful information, though I can’t find all stocks i’m interested in.

9. deminvest - May 6, 2010

Andrew, you were right about the iPad. It is yet another success by Steve Jobs. I’m glad we both own Apple shares.

A real success, not just the “ISJSHUUEWSINIFOASTBT” effect 🙂


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