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6 Reasons why Apple ITablet sucks. Or should I say IPad sucks? January 26, 2010

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imagine holding the ITablet in one hand while typing on the Subay

1) We can’t use Apple iPad to read books because it doesn’t have E Ink electronic paper display like Amazon’s Kindle . Apple iPad will emit light and tire our eyes. We can only read our last book on the IBook.

2) We can’t use Apple iPad to make phonecalls: too big to carry around

3) We can’t use it in the office: We type better on our keyboad. We also need a large screen to do 15  tasks at the same time.

4) We can’t use it at home: we like to type from the sofa at home. With our laptop we lay the keyboard on our legs, the screen will be in front of our eyes so we can use both hands to type or move around the pointer. Try to do that with a tool that doesn’t have a keyboard. Our spouses aren’t going to be willing to hold the IBook in front of our sofa, so we can use both hands to type.

5) We can’t use in the car. We have to drive

6) We can’t use it in the bus. Too unstable: the iTablet is meant to  be held in one hand while the other hand types and works. At first stop or sharp curve it will slip out of our hand. I won’t be usable in a crowded subway where anybody can easily grab and run out with our $1000 toy.

Ok the iPad sucks. But what can we, miserable Proletarian investors do about it? Not much I’m afraid:

  • Sell Apple shares?

No way! Apple had a wonderful quarter, beating expectations on earnings and sales. We’ll keep our AAPLs

  • Decide not to buy an iPad for ourselves?

Let’s be serious, we wouldn’t be able to afford an ITablet even if we wanted one!


1. C S - January 27, 2010

Learn to proof read your articles before posting.

rozarlive - May 28, 2010

says the moron who can’t spell.

2. deminvest - January 27, 2010

Thanks. I corrected two mistakes. I hope there aren’t too many left.

3. Ed - January 27, 2010

Proofread is one word

4. Bubby - May 9, 2010

Hi this review the I pad IS a lei am typing on the iPad rite now and I have not ran across any glitches yet I got the I pad over 3 weeks ago . +learn to proof read

5. Jonathan Hasty - May 20, 2010

Clearly this is a one sided review. I have owed my IPad since the 3G version shipped. Mind if I counter your silly points?

1) “We can’t use Apple iPad to read books”
You cant? Well ignoring E Ink for a moment, I believe iBooks was a launch title software and soon after Kindle released an app. As well as having several options with Cydia. Point? YES you CAN. Suggestion to avoid problem of no E Ink? Sit in the shade as most people with REAL books do.

2) “We can’t use Apple iPad to make phonecalls”
Its not a cellphone. Should you need to make a call, Skype is there to save you. With 3G as an option you can make calls anywhere without even pulling it from your bag provided that yoiu have a bluetooth headset.

3) “We can’t use it in the office”
Maybe you personally cant, however, it suits my office very nice. I work in a warehouse managing the stockroom. This lil thing allows me to keep in touch and update all of our databases from anywhere. File reports, SCRF, anything. It has virtually eliminated paper forms from being run to and from the office. I get back, just sync the documents that need it. Those that don’t have specific locations Dropbox takes care of. Obviously it doesn’t replace a full PC but it has its place in an office setting.

4) “We can’t use it at home”
Well granted the keyboard takes a bit getting use to, I can very comfortably type while in my easy chair. I can even control my Boxee with it! Should you want to use a keyboard that is what the docking station is there for.

5) “We can’t use in the car”
Do you txt while driving? tsk tsk tsk.

6) “We can’t use it in the bus”
Slip out of your hand? Need I even say anything? If your that clumsy then keep it in the iPad in your bag. Same thing could happen to your cellphone or laptop. $1000? Once again…. the most expensive price point wasn’t even that much. If you feel your so likely to break/lose it, buy the 499 or respective 3G model.

6. deminvest - May 24, 2010


thanks for your great review of the IPad. I wrote this post the day the Ipad came out, even before it went for sale.

I was wrong on many issues about it, but not on fact 1). You can’t use it as a book.

The number of IBooks sold seems disappointing, 1.5 per sold IPad:

That does not come as a surprise to me. I am not reading a book on my Notebook 15.6 screen. Whay should I read it on the IPad, wich is just as backlit and radiation emiting as my Notebook?

If it is so good to read books on a computer screen, why nobody does it with their normal PCs that have better screens that the IPAD?

Why can’t I find any blogger who read a single book when I look for “I read a book on the ipad” ?

Why do I find so many bloggers who loved their book reading experience on the Kindle?

Why were 12 million apps and only 1.5 million e-books downloaded from the iBookstore?

Jonathan, you had the Ipad for weeks. Why didn’t you mention reading a single book on it???

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