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Asiainfo ASIA up 25% in 2 days before earnings. Did I learn from mistakes made with Apple and Va Software (LNUX)? October 24, 2007

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It is happening again: stock is showing outstanding gains right before the company reports on quarterly earnings. Asiainfo Holdings Inc. (ticker ASIA) is a Chinese software House that develops software mainly for Telecommunication companies.

Banging my head on wall…

Asia Info will “Announce Third Quarter 2007 Results on October 25, 2007” so on 23 and 24 October stock price skyrocketed up 25%, and hit my target of 40% raise since I bought it on February 2007.

According to my “Free stock strategy” I should sell part of my ASIA shares today, but I don’t want to miss juicy earnings and start banging my head on the Wall because of missed earnings, like I did yesterday with Apple and last year with Va Software (LNUX)?

Actually such a great 25% in two days, makes me also very suspicious about insider trading… Maybe someone who knows how earnings will be is working on getting rich easily…

So this time I’ll wait a few days and see what happens…


1. deminvest - October 24, 2007

Actually ASIA went up another 10%. I’m more and more curious about tomorrow’s earnings…

2. Kevin - October 24, 2007

How do you decide which stock to buy?

3. deminvest - October 25, 2007

first of all I try to figure out what simple people like me and you in every corner of the Earth want, do and think. Then I find stocks that could do well because we like their products and still have good numbers… I wrote a post about my stock-picking a while ago (the monkey is me!):


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