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I hate Apple (AAPL)! I will try to prove it is too expensive! June 19, 2007

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#*@§ !


Apple shares are horribly expensive. Apple products are too expensive too! Apple is the opposite of Low Cost Society that I want! I always hated Apple! I hate Apple now! I also hate the fact that I refused to buy Apple before. I hate the fact that Apple consistently proved me wrong as I said: “AAPL is too expensive”:

1 day price hike: +2.75%

5 days price hike: +2.85%

1 month price hike: +12.36%

3 months price hike: +38%

6 months price hike: +44%

1 year price hike: + 116%

5 years price hike: +1134%

Actually i hate the “cool” hype about Apple products.

I don’t understand why people started buying Ipods for hundred of dollars, when they could get MP3 players for tens of dollars.

I don’t understand why people buy expensive Apple Computers, when they could get cheaper Windows or Linux PCs. And… Steve Jobs. Always posing like the good man, telling everybody how cool he is and how lame Bill Gates is… and forgetting that Gates is World’s largest donor, why Jobs is a huge keeper.

i don’t understand Apple. I always hated Apple… I hate Apple now… YET… Something happened…

I read a very good Business Week article about Apple. This article says that Apple without the iPhone (which I already hate too) is worth $114. The article goes on explaining how the iPhone could add a $10 Billion lucrative business to Apple’s businesses. I had to agree with that article, but once again I wanted to prove that AAPL shares are too expensive.

I said since Apple will become a phone builder, let’s compare it with Nokia:

AAPL market Cap: 106.53B. NOK Market Cap: 111.31B. They are similarly priced.


Apple Trailing P/E: 38.92 Forward P/E:30.76 Nokia Trailing P/E : 20.29 Forward P/E: 15.78 Apple is twice as expensive I WAS RIGHT!!!

Looking further down on Yahoo Finance stats… :

AAPL Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 20.80% NOK Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):3.70%. Apple is growing, Nokia isn’t.

AAPL Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):87.80% NOK Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy): -6.60% Here is the huge difference. I don’t know what will happen next year, but a +88% compared to a -6% are enough to justify P/E 38 vs P/E 20. Also we should consider that Apple may, with its cool (but expensive) iPhone, steal some of Nokia’s most valuable customers.

Both companies have 12 B cash, which is great…

I should wait till July because I already threw my monthly $1000 on Nvidia, …. but… I hate to say that, I am buying Apple shares in the next 10 minutes! (°°### @## %&$£#!)


1. deminvest - June 19, 2007

I just bought 8 AAPL Apple Inc. shares at $123.96 each, spending a total ammount of $991.68… Commissions of course were 0 because this was my SECOND ZECCO TRANSACTION!

2. witek - June 19, 2007

Apple is best of breed. Apple products are not only good they are also very cool and in high demand. Everyone nowadays has an ipod and people will go crazy over the iphone. At $123.96 Apple shares are a bit pricey and maybe you could’ve waited for a market correction or bullback to buy. However for the long term it is a good buy.

3. deminvest - June 19, 2007


thank you for supporting my buy. I was never able to understand Apple, but now I have the feeling Apple + iPhone have great growth opportunities, specilly in the “very cool” effect continues. By the way… I was wondering: Did you type your comment on a Mac computer?

4. witek - June 19, 2007

we have about 4 computers in our house and all of them PC’S.

5. len - June 19, 2007

witek.. what pc brand? mac (apple)?

6. Jon - June 20, 2007

I’m interested in Apple too for the “cool” factor. I feel like computers are approaching the point where performance doesn’t matter too much. Investing in Intel or AMD is dangerous because their products are becoming commodities with not much profit. Same with big PC producers like Dell — although they seem to have increased their prices so much that they match Apple!

Anyway I think companies like Apple that can differentiate their product to charge more will be the most profitable companies in the computer market. I still don’t want to invest in them though.

7. deminvest - June 20, 2007

That is very interesting point Jon. I never thought about it. Performance does matter less than it used to.
I am actually wondering if I should buy a Mac computer for my father. I was told it is easier to use.

Why don’t you want to invest in them?

8. witek - June 20, 2007

none of the 4 computers are Mac’s,they are mostly Toshiba, maybe one day i will buy a Mac but they seem expensive to me.

9. Jon - June 20, 2007

I don’t have a good reason, but I feel like the price went up so quickly that it has to come down 30% or more. For your sake I hope I’m wrong and it continues to go up!

Also I think the iPhone will be a flop. It’s just a feeling!

10. deminvest - June 20, 2007

Ouch! That would definitely hurt!

11. witek - June 20, 2007

jon said “Also I think the iPhone will be a flop. It’s just a feeling!”

what ????????? jon where do you live? in a cave?

Apple products are cool and a must have. who doesn’t have a ipod? now the iphone is coming out with a sticker cost of about $800 and people will kill themselves just to get one.

12. len - June 22, 2007

deminvest – if ur thinking of buying a mac, it’s worth it.. buy ur dad one ..like u said u want to treat urself well when u spend .. the performance is really okay.. my sister has a mac and adores it and my boss also has one.. i also wish i can have one but my sister gave me another brand of laptop for my birthday..( beggars cannot be choosers..lol)

13. Sold Apple today. How could I leave the party right before the girls arrived? « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - October 23, 2007

[…] free stocks strategy made me sell those 6 APL that were up 40% since I bought them in June. I got back all invested cash and still have 2 Apple shares that are now free, but definitely next […]

14. adam - December 15, 2007

Apple has better support than any computer i have got all apple products are engery star main reason i got a mac you can run windows xp vista and osx on a mac.
sleek,god comstmer service i driped my mc mini got broke they fixed it no charge under warntey apple cares about the evomate they dont use pvc platic ,mercury,lead and agin save engery compact
i knoe the cost $ but you get quilty
i had a dell and hp computer they did not cover defects under warntey for me’
so hate me i love apple its the comumer choise

15. ezra hilyer - January 1, 2008

Adam, do Apple Computers come with spell check?

16. Bluzulu - May 29, 2008

Some dude on here said…And who doesn’t have an ipod? Uh, i don’t dick head, and my whole world isn’t falling apart. As a matter of fact my mp3 player has an FM radio in it that can record the songs off the radio and it has a voice recorder. The ipod has nothing! Sansa Rocks! Fuck Apple and their over rated, over inflated crap. Plus, Steve Jobs is a straight up asshole. I wouldn’t give that cock sucker my money.

17. mac snob - June 20, 2008

to the owner of this site…

people hate apple simply because they are doing well they worked hard to get where they are today. furthermore, they have lead the way in intuitive user friendly devices that most people appreciate, and by the way you get what you pay for…

go cry in a corner if you don’t like it!

18. Anders - July 22, 2008

Who said that apple products are cool ?!

Whomever did, is a slave to the brands and is JSUT as indocrinated and retarded as Apple wants their users to be.

If you don’t know how to do ANYTHING you should buy an Apple product.. It does it all for you, and charges you for it as well.

if you DO however, know at least how to NOT be butt-fucked by a multi-billion-dollar-corp who wants NOTHING but make more money, you’d probably be best off stearing clear of anything labeled with that nasty little apple.

Apple is not doing well. Apple never worked hard. Apple never lead ANYthing…

I never had an iPod, I’ll never EVER own a Mac (just look at RAM prices.. those are STANDARD kingston valueram, yet they charge about +500% compared to regular market prices), and I’ll be damned if I’m ever stepping into an Apple-store EVER in my life..

LOOK at the people who buys and uses Mac’s.. Young people (as myself, yet NOT) trying to be something they are not. Paying fortunes to be “IN” by using the CORRECT BRAND!!! :-O

it’s ALL about branding, and EVERY Apple user has been CONNED! You all walked right into their oh-so-clever trap, by believing you just bought a product that’s actually WORTH all the money you just paid for it.

So to all Apple-fans: “Hahahaha! You got pwnd! :D”

19. 9k.lai - July 29, 2008

Yeaaah! That”s totally right. People only buy apple for its “coolness”. Not because they need a computer. And when they got one, they are soo proud of that shit and the “Mac-Communtiy” and beeing part of it and so on. All Apple-users talk like they were brainwashed. Besides that, they ARE stupid. They don’t care about performance, only if it’s “very cool”.
I once asked a Mac-user what’s the filename of the music, he listens to in (sh)iTunes and where it’s saved on his Mac. He looked at me and asked: “What’s a filename?”
Here is a good page:

20. fakename - October 4, 2008

fuck apple and fuck jobs

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