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Sold Apple today… as stupid as leaving a party right before the girls arrive.. October 22, 2007

Posted by deminvest in AAPL, Apple, growth stock, investment, my free stock, My investing mistakes, stock I own, stocks.

Girls dancing at a party

I sold 6 Apple shares today (ironically) a few hours before Apple reported earnings jumping 67%. I made many investing mistakes, but this one beats them all. Apple is 7% up in after-hour market

I did agree with most analysts that Apple was probably going to beat estimates. So why did I sell?

My free stocks strategy made me sell those 6 APL that were up 40% since I bought them. I just bought 8 AAPL Apple Inc. shares at $123.96 each, spending a total ammount of $991.68ā€¦ Commissions of course were 0 because this was my SECOND ZECCO TRANSACTION. Today I sold 6 Apple shares at 174.42 cashing in 1048.92. I got more than invested cash and still have 2 Apple shares that are now free, but definitely next time I should have waited a few days after earnings report before selling.

Please click here and slap meĀ  for missing the party with Apple…


1. len - October 23, 2007

many good things and bad things happen at a snap of a finger. don’t worry about it, you have ur calculated risks..u can be greedy at one point and be sorry for it. but more importantly is that you are still alive to savor ur winnings..lol.

2. Richard - October 23, 2007

i agree, bears and bulls all make monkey pigs just bleed…

3. Richard - October 23, 2007

i mean they make money not monkey….

4. Windbreakr - October 23, 2007

Aww, that’s OK, your strategy has consistently worked well, so a small bump here and there shouldn’t matter šŸ™‚

You probably know this already, but I came across this site :


that seems to give the market pulse rather accurately. Apparently, it’s quite a famous blog

5. deminvest - October 23, 2007

@ Len… I am still alive, so I do need some advice:
Should I do bungee jumping without cable?
Should I ram into my office wall?

@ Richard… I still prefer to bleed for bulls šŸ™‚

6. deminvest - October 23, 2007

@ Wind I think I am thinking about adding to my strategy a rule about not trading a stock during the week of its earnings report.
Actually I already made a similar mistake and wrote something about it:
“So proletarian investors, trade stocks only when situations are calm and stable. From now on I will… It will never happen again, at least to this particular proletarian investor.”

I guess I should never say never again!

@Wind… The Blog you linked is very interesting. I did not know it, so thanks a lot!

7. len - October 23, 2007

i guess u know urself better and u do not need advice as u will do what ever u want once u get excited and the excitement can be too much and sometimes it’s hard to wait for things to calm down. thanks anyway for guiding us on ur free stock strategy..

8. SG - November 12, 2007

Not bad at all. Now AAPL is down to 157-158

9. deminvest - November 13, 2007

Yea SG, Wallstreet is full of surprises… My free stocks strategy protected my gains on Apple this time. Actually about 70% of my stocks are free, so I am quite protected in case of a sell off. Also I lately bought defensive stocks like JnJ and Humana, which are performing OK.

10. ed - November 29, 2007

shoud’ve, would’ve, could’ve!!!

The lesson here is you’v done em all!

Should’ve __ You Did!
Would’ve __ Now you would !
Could’ve — Yes you may have ! Probably did (could’ve) lol
As long as it’s a profit that’s all that really counts! Just do it! Peace!

11. deminvest - November 30, 2007

LOL Ed šŸ™‚

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