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I wanted Vmware (VMW), but ended up getting EMC, its mother company which is cheaper, and gives dividends October 23, 2013

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I got EMC because I like its subsidiary Vmware, which is the heart of Cloud computing and has a market cap of $48 B with revenue of $22 B.

Vmware is hugely more expensive (P/E=40), doesn’t pay dividends and has a market cap of $36.00 B with revenue of $5B.

P/E number show a cheap company forecasted to grow quite well

Trailing P/E: 18.70

Forward P/E (fye Dec 31, 2014)1: 11.35


I also bought ETP ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS, because they own most the pipelines that will transfer natural gas found by fracking June 11, 2013

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30 ETP

ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS L P Limit $50.03 49.87 49.92 Day 06/11/13 2:10 PM ET

Executed $50.0299

Now I buy Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI), because I want to invest in Saudi America June 11, 2013

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Those fracking technologies are freeing huge amounts of Oil and Natural gas. US is soon going to be a net exporter of that stuff. Huge enrichment has to result of that trend. The question is for whom?

My first answer is for most American companies. Lower energy prices will benefit everybody, beacuse there will be more money to spend in other ways.

Knowing that the US will stop being blackmailed by Middle East makes me think my decision to mostly invest in US companies is correct.

But I am a stock picker once a month, every month. So which company should I buy to take best advantage of this next big thing?

I thought it may be Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK), but things get a big complicated when you are selling a product that is suddenly easily available, because prices tend to go down in your market, specially if you are not able to export part of this product.

Why 48 Tencent shares is my buy for May May 30, 2013

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I bought Tencent because

  • it is a fast growing Chinese Internet company (Quarterly Revenue Growth yoy: 40.40%)
  • is fairly priced (Trailing P/E: 26.17), like most Chinese Internet companies now are
  • I read somewhere that Tencent owns QQ, a leading social Instant message tool. Active QQ users accounts for QQ IM amount to 798.2 million.

TENCENT HLDGS shares bought: 48 price 30,935 market: XETRA 30/05/2013

My stock purchase for March is Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) March 22, 2013

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I am a silver miner today!

I am a silver miner today

  • Silver could be a safe haven in case of disasters.
  • Silver besides being a precious metal, is very much needed by industry (so I read somewhere).
  • Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) is World’s second Silver producer/miner, and I can’t figure out which is the first.
  • 3% dividend yield is something I like very much, specially considiring that Payout ratio is  an honest 30%
  • Forward P/E ( Dec 31, 2014): 10.01 seems cheap enough to me, although current P/E = 30 is quite high. (more…)

Facebook is a good investment because Google Plus is a failure January 8, 2013

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High School Party

It’s like a rich kid in high school who discovered he wasn’t invited to a party, so he threw a better party and no one came.

Facebook’s edge over Google:

  • data on which Google is built ( web sites all over the World) is available to Facebook and to anyone able to build a spider.
  • data available to Facebook is locked.

Google’s edge over Facebook:

  1. much better technology
  2. much better mobile strategy
  3. much richer
  4. ads based on what you are searching for are much better than ads based on who you are. (more…)

Just bought 8 IBM because I didn’t have it November 5, 2012

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I have never liked IBM as a company, this is very unfortunate because buying  it 10 years late, I misses the chance to double or triple up my investment.

I hope it just late and not  too late!

Order Status:Executed 8 Executed 11/05/12, 10:05:15 AM (ET) @ $193.11: Total:$1,552.95.


5 reasons why I just bought Sandisk (SNDK):1. SSD is the future, 2.good numbers, 3. new brand, 4. opposite making sense to Seagate ( September 28, 2012

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Are solid state disks the future?

What about SanDisk that produces those?


I started from a great stock I own: STX. Seagate is an amazing company.

  • Its revenue was up 56.80% year on year.
  • Its earnings growth was stellar 751.30%.
  • It is dirt cheap: they sell for price five times its earnings (P/E=4.77).
  • Expectations for next year are better still P/E= 4.74.
  • Dividend yields 4.1%, up 30% from previous year.

source for those numbers


I could have saved $ 1000 on hotel and flight June 1, 2012

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transparent kayak

transparent kayak

Two weeks after buying airplane tickets and hotel, I found those two websites that could have saved me more than $1000 on my reservation, by automatically comparing hundred of prices in seconds:


3 reasons not to use Stop Loss – answer to Jon Trausti’s question about Free Stock Strategy May 28, 2012

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Dear Jon, thanks for your very good question about Free Stock Strategy :

Dont you ever use “Sell Stop” for stocks you buy? … for example, many suggest you always use 5% “sell stop”.. or 10% .. and just buy some other stocks, if the ones you bought are not going in the direction (up) you hoped/wanted ?

It is for 3 reasons

Reason 1)

The only way to make money on the stock market is to buy low and sell high.

Most stocks move together up in good times and down in bad times. Automatic stop loss results in forcing to sell a bunch of stocks, even good ones, as the market sinks.

With my strategy, I have to buy every month, even when markets point down. In bad times I can hardly sell any stock because they can’t hit “up 40% target” in bad times.

As soon as market recovers most stocks that I buy in bad times hit my 40% up target and I make money.

What I accomplish that way is buying low and selling high. The best think is that I do it automatically, without having to understand or forecast what is going on in the Economy.

S&P 500 and NASDAQ 2002 to 2012

If we look at the last 10 years, we can see that if I had bought every month and if I had a stop, I’d have  sold with a big losses every stock the next month in 2002, 2007 and 2008. (more…)

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