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I bought 1 share of BERKSHIRE HATH HLD B (BRK-B) 10 minutes ago July 15, 2009

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The most expensive share I ever got: 1 costs $ 2,849.

All you etwhen you buy BRK - B shares

All you get when you buy BRK-B shares

I hate gurus, but I had to invest on Warren Buffet’s BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY this time, because Buffet could exploit the crisys, taking advantage of tax payer’s money like we the people, the small investors, simply  cannot do:

  1. He was able to lend money to troubled financial institutions at very high interest rates
  2. Those high interest investments are safe almost like US Corporate Bonds because US government decided that those financial institutions are “too big to fail”. Of course Buffet had talks with both administrations. He knew he could get huge interest rates and be backed  by taxpayer’s money (more…)

My boring March investment: I loaded 80 more Ebay shares for $994.4 March 30, 2009

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I wrote so much about Ebay, that I don’t have more to say. What may be interesting is today’s P/E around 8 and the fact that, from Thursday on, Skype will work on Iphones, Blackberries and Android.

Paypal and Skype are reinforcing their leadership in the fields of online payments and VOIP.

That why today I spent $994.4 to buy 80 more Ebay shares at a price of $ 12.43 each

I can’t wait to see people using their Iphones to hookup on a wifi network and fool those mobile phone companies to call for free on skype!

I may even want to buy an Iphone to call for free on skype and, after each call, use the money I save to drink a good beer paid by hated Telcoms!

A little bit late, but with all my courage, yesterday I placed my February buy order on Procter & Gamble (PG) March 20, 2009

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Yesterday I bought 22 PG shares at  $ 46.79 each, spending a total amount of $ 1029.38. It is a risky time to buy stocks, but I go on with my strategy.

As I wrote Procter and Gamble offers good dividends and its products are simply what the World buys every week in Supermarkets.

Let’s hope this crisis ends soon. I’m betting that:

  1. P&G won’t fall much further, even if this crisis goes on
  2. PG shares will skyrocket as the economy restarts its growing

Procter & Gamble (ticker PG) was always too expensive for me. It is fairly priced now February 17, 2009

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this pictures shows how widespread Procter is

this pictures shows how widespread Procter is

Procter is the most Global of Global companies. They invented modern marketing and own brands in every continent:

I have been looking at Procter for years. Procter owns World’s top brands, ranging from Gillette to Pampers, from Duracell to Pringles, from Oral-B to Tampax ( 🙂 )

It was always too expensive for me. I simply could not afford its old P/E ratios.

Now, “thanks” to this crisis, PG shares are priced very reasonably:

P/E = 11.78

Want to play defense: ABX – Barrick Gold Corporation, largest gold miner in the world, may be a bunker for our money September 18, 2008

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A Gold miner can be safe heaven in times of troubles. Barrick was up 10% on September 18, when the entire stock market was collapsing.

Gold can be a safe heaven for investors

Gold can be a safe heaven for investors

Since I fear more of those days, ABX may be the answer.

Even numbers for it are good: P/E = 15, some growth when Gold prices are high ( Qtrly Revenue Growth yoy:19.80%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):22.50%).


Bargain stocks for May: HP (HPQ), Humana (HUM), Integrys Energy (TEG), EV Energy Partners (EVEP) April 22, 2008

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Bargains on Wall Street

In May I’ll have to chose a stock for my monthly $1000 investment. I see a market of opportunities. I’m looking at companies that should do pretty well even in a recession, but are priced at very low P/E ratios. The most interesting are HP (HPQ), Humana (HUM), Integrys Energy (TEG), EV Energy Partners (EVEP):

HP is cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):16.39 Forward P/E (fye 31-Oct-09):12.26

HP is growing: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):13.50% Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):37.90%

HP has more cash then debts and offers a little 0.7% dividend yield which is always welcome.

Humana is dirt cheap: P/E = 8.54. Unfortuantely at Humana they made a calculation mistake on their Medicare prescription – drugs plan. That will hurt their earnings for next year. Forward P/E= 13

Humana has been growing lately: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):12.10% Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):56.90%

Humana is loaded with cash: $2.7B on a market Cap of $7.1B are made of cash. So 40% of its stock-price is made by plain cash. That makes Humana even cheaper.

Integrys (TEG) is an Energy and Natural gas utility based in Chicago.

TEG is cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):13.72, Forward P/E= 13.5

TEG offers juicy 5% dividends and its business should be recession proof.

EV Energy Partners (EVEP) is also a nice oil and Gas company, offering juicy 8.3% dividends. It seems cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):38.72 Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-09) :6.81. Unfortunately EVEP has pretty large debts. About twice their yearly revenue.

Time for bargain hunting, or should I wait for falling knives to hit the gound? January 22, 2008

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Nobody really knows.

Buying stocks when they are falling like this is a bit like catching falling knives. I’m probably going to get hurt. It is more healthful to wait for knives to hit the ground to easily pick them up. Maybe I should wait until current sell off finishes to pick up stocks at lower prices, rather than buying now and maybe seeing stocks continuing to fall tomorrow.

Buying stocks now is like catching falling knives

Of course if today was the bottom (the ground) I’d see a rebound tomorrow and higher prices.

Unfortunately there is one day every year in which the market is at its minimum and many days in which market is on its way down, so I shouldn’t bet on the fact that I’m buying on a minimum. (more…)

Time to buy in Europe? Just got Intesa San Paolo (BIT:ISP), best dividend yielding dog of the Eurostoxx January 17, 2008

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I think it is time to buy in Europe: which

  1. it is far enough from US Subprime troubles,
  2. has a more reliable currency
  3. does not have the unbalance of US Economy (importing and consuming too much) or of Asia (consuming too little, exporting too much and at risk if US customers cut spending.

Hopefully I found a way to get a bargain and still play safe on my monthly stock investment.

Intesa San Paolo is Italy’s largest bank,

  • did not have anything to do with US sub-prime chaos,
  • has good numbers,
  • is first among the “Dogs of the Eurostoxx 50”
  • offers 7% Dividend yield that should be sustainable in the long run.
  • has a honest P/E around 11.5
  • Analysts seem to estimate growing earnings and sales for 2008 (more…)

Dogs of the Eurostoxx 2008 January 10, 2008

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This is the new 10 “Dogs of the Eurostoxx” list for year 2008 (price and dividend on Jan, 9, 2008):

Ticker Name Price Dividend Yield
TIT.MI TELECOM ITALIA 2.05 0.14 6.83
GLE.PA STE GENERALE 96.57 5.20 5.38
ACA.PA CREDIT AGRICOLE 22.22 1.15 5.18
DBK.DE DEUTSCHE BANK 84.33 4.00 4.74
FTE.PA FRANCE TELECOM 25.79 1.20 4.65
BBVA.MC BBVA R 15.27 0.70 4.58
IBE.MC IBERDROLA 10.75 0.49 4.56
BNP.PA BNP PARIBAS 71.95 3.10 4.31

We can notice that half of those high yielding stocks are banks. This is the result of “subprime” turmoil on financial markets that heavily hit banks during second half of 2007. It happened in the US, but also hit European banks.

Comparing 2008 list with last year’s dogs of the Eurostoxx we notice that only

  • Telecom Italia (same dividend, lover price),
  • Société Générale(higher dividend, lower price),
  • Deutsche Telekom (same dividend, higher price)
  • and France Télécom (higher dividend, higher price)

are still in the list.

With high risks on stock markets, rates pointing down, recession fears for US Economy and US dollars sliding, it may be interesting to invest on those European large companies that should yield good cash. I will probably do so. It will take me a few months to buy them all, because I only own Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom so far. I will start buying Intesa San Paolo, Italy’s largest bank, which yields juicy 7.29%. (more…)

Ebay is a great stock, trading at bargain price. Even in the unlikely event of an economy harsh landing, EBAY could be a safe haven November 16, 2007

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EBay, you don’t fool me!


You can fool big finance gurus, you can fool the two newly made billionaires Zennstrom and Friis who sold Skype to you, but not me, because I am a simpleton and I do think simple.

EBay shares are in free-fall: -17% in a month. Everybody is selling because EBay posted losses for the first time since 1999… Tere is just a little detail: those losses don’t exist! Those losses were written by someone on some piece of paper to fool someone else. Reality is that Ebay (more…)

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