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Robotics is promising, but I mistakenly bought ISRG INTUITIVE SURGICAL, which makes dumb surgical robots that don’t use AI July 25, 2017

Posted by deminvest in investment.

What a strange bet has this been: in the era of Artificial Intelligence, I bought a company that sells dumb robots:
Ituitive’s product Da Vinci is “assisted robotic surgery” and is always controlled by a surgeon from a console.

There is startups everywhere that try to perform Artificial Intelligence surgery. But none of them has been so far able to sell Robots.
Artificial Intelligence sells plenty of them. Revenue it 13% higher than last year, earnings up 20%.
A weird growth story. It this company growing just to get killed by AI surgery in a few years?
Why I’m buying:

1) earnings growth expected:

Trailing P/E 47.58
Forward P/E 1 34.13


Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy) 12.80%

Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy) 20.10%

Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy)20.10%


Total Cash (mrq) 1.82B

6) 0 debt

A good reason not to invest in INTUITIVE SURGICAL is that Google and Johnson & Johnson invested USD 250 millions (plus google AI know how) in AI surgical robots:


1. deminvest - November 29, 2017

Buying transaction
Stocks 2
07/25/17 944,48
TOT 1,888,95

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