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Now I buy Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI), because I want to invest in Saudi America June 11, 2013

Posted by deminvest in investment.

Those fracking technologies are freeing huge amounts of Oil and Natural gas. US is soon going to be a net exporter of that stuff. Huge enrichment has to result of that trend. The question is for whom?

My first answer is for most American companies. Lower energy prices will benefit everybody, beacuse there will be more money to spend in other ways.

Knowing that the US will stop being blackmailed by Middle East makes me think my decision to mostly invest in US companies is correct.

But I am a stock picker once a month, every month. So which company should I buy to take best advantage of this next big thing?

I thought it may be Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK), but things get a big complicated when you are selling a product that is suddenly easily available, because prices tend to go down in your market, specially if you are not able to export part of this product.


1. deminvest - June 11, 2013

BOT 25 CBI CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO N V Limit $58.80 58.71 58.75 Day 06/11/13 2:07 PM ET Executed $58.79

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