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Added another 61 free Ebay shares: free stock strategy strikes again! February 17, 2012

Posted by deminvest in investment.

Today I sold 161 EBAY shares @ $34.57. I made $5565.77. This way I brought back home all the cash I had spent over the years to buy 222 EBAY shares at an average price of $ 25.138 each.

Now I have all my dollars plus 61 free EBAY shares worth $ 2135. I had done the same in the past, so I already had 10 free EBAY shares.

So I am an happy owner of 71 FREE EBAY SHARES!



My EBAY transactions:

1/4/2005Edit DeleteBuy 12 shares of EBAY @ $24.2525/share -$291.03

5/11/2005Edit DeleteBuy 60 shares of EBAY @ $32.64/share  -$1958.40

307/25/2005Edit DeleteSell 49 shares of EBAY @ $41.24/share$2020.76

NOTE: At this point I made my first 11  free Ebays

 5/18/2006Edit DeleteBuy 40 shares of EBAY @ $29.71/share-$1188.40

10/29/2007Edit DeleteBuy 28 shares of EBAY @ $36.72/share-$1028.16

11/5/2007Edit DeleteBuy 30 shares of EBAY @ $34.24/share-$1027.20

11/8/2007Edit DeleteBuy 32 shares of EBAY @ $32.86/share-$1051.52

3/30/2009Edit DeleteBuy 80 shares of EBAY @ $12.43/share-$994.40

TOTAL 233 EBAY shares, worth today $

11 of my EBAY shares are free because I used my fee stocks strategy in 2006

222 have been paid a total of 5580.71. On the average I paid EUR 25.14 for each share.

So my target on Ebay is 25.14*1.4 = 35.2

5580.71 * 1.4 = 7812,94



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