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EBAY CEO John Donahoe IS IDIOT: IT IS OFFICIAL NOW. BTW… MEG WHITMAN is idiot too May 10, 2011

Posted by deminvest in ebay.
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Colorful Ebay

Plain facts that anybody who is not an idiot can understand:

  • Ebay bought fast growing Skype at $3.1 B bargain price.
  • Skype continued to grow its user base, revenues and earning because it offers great services.
  • Today Microsoft wants to buy  Skype for $8.5B
Anybody who is not an idiot would have banked those nice $5.4 Billion appreciation.
But Ebay’s CEOs are idiots. This how the managed to blunder the easiest deal of their lives:
It had always been obvious for me that Skype was increasing its value wyle growing userbase, revenues and earnings.
How is it possible that Ebay CEOs gave it away for peanuts?
Where they really idiots or was it a rip off for us shareholders who saw a gem given away for peanuts?


1. X - May 17, 2011

do you expect people to take your seriously using such a language?

2. Deminvest - May 18, 2011

Well, I am seriously angry.

Maybe you’d be angry too if someone sold for $2750 something belonging to you worth $8500.

3. rosalinda talavera - June 26, 2011

hi deminvest..

quite a long time i missed your blogs..anyway, i guess your reader x just want some clearer write up..there are portions that need some editing it got a little garbled. still gl this is a better deal than shoving your doe under the mattress..lol

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