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I just sold 36 BERKSHIRE HATHAWY-B shares. I now own 14 free BRK-B shares worth $1100. February 23, 2010

Posted by deminvest in Berkshire Hathaway, BRK, Defensive Stock.

Thanks Warren Buffet! Today my $2,849 came back home from their 8 months trip to conquer me free stocks.

My “Free stock of the month” is Warren Buffet’s famous Berkshire Hathawy.

All you etwhen you buy BRK - B shares

On July 15  I had bought 1 BRK-B share at 2,849. After a while Buffet decided to split it into 50 shares.

Tody I hit my target:  BRK-B shares are 40% up since July 15

Today I sold 36 BRK-B shares at $79,91 each. Total amount cashed: 2876.76

My thinking back in July was correct: Berkshire made plenty of money lending cash at huge  interest rate to large banks right before the government stepped in to bail them out. Those bonds are even convertible. Should bank shares recover, Buffets bet would yield tenfolds.

Anyway, I hit my 40% up so I sold 36 BK-B.

Now I got all my invested money back. Plus I have gained something:

  • 14 free shares of BRK-B (worth $ 1108)
  • and 25$ more on my bank account!

Thank you once more, my dear FREE STOCKS STRATEGY !


1. rtal - February 24, 2010

congratulation! what’s ur average monthly wait for fair returns on ur initial investment? thanks for sharing ur strategy..

2. deminvest - February 24, 2010

Thank you rtal. I was lucky this time 🙂

I actually never measured such average time for my invested capital to return.

I wouldn’t really know how to calculate. Many companies are still under my buy level. Some have even gone broken: https://deminvest.wordpress.com/category/my-investing-mistakes/

Generally speaking, I was lucky to have fair results on my investment. My portfolio is on ICARRA and it did beat Nasdaq and S&P 500 consistently over the years:

3. rtal - February 26, 2010

thank you deminvest for taking time to respond to my query.. despite busy schedule..gl !!!

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