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Will Internet kill the TV star, the movie star and the publisher star? Amazon (AMZN), Barnes & Noble, February 17, 2010

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Nowadays record sellers and music majors are seeing their business shrink dramatically.

Music industry going down. Digital records sellers doing OK

Music industry going down. Digital records sellers doing OK

When it will be possible to download a movie as easy as it is to download an mp3, many will just take the opportunity.

If nobody comes out with an idea to stop file sharing, without killing the Internet, anybody who makes a living out of content may be in deep trouble.

Doomed business models: movie renters, TVs, publishers and book sellers.

Using the Kindle (and not the Iphad!), reading an ebook becomes as relaxing as reading an expensive hardcover edition. How long will it take before people will download books for free on filesharing?

As in music, there will always be an honest minority who will buy their content, so among the general business destruction, some company may prosper selling legitimate electronic content. But, unless we manage to guess which company will survive, we will lose our money. For music industry the necessary guess would have been an impossible guess: the company that managed to prosper among the industry destruction was actually a producer of computers that never had anything to do with the music industry!

So I will try not to invest in any publisher, movie maker, book seller or similar. No Amazon, no Disney, no more Times Warner…


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