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Hate Ketchup, but love Heinz’s fat dividends! I’m buying 23 HNZ shares in 5 minutes December 29, 2009

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Heinz yields 3.9 % dividends. I can hardly resist such juicy dividends, considering that, according to Yahoo finance:

  1. HNZ has a honest 16 P/E ratio.
  2. HNZ is supposed to grow its earnings. Next year P/E is supposed to go to 14.
  3. HNZ has increased its revenue 2.5% in a difficult year, which is good even though they must have reduced product prices, sending earning -16%.
  4. HNZ is a conservative bet. During last horrible year it performed OK, unlike most socks. I guess people buy ketchup even during recessions. At the end of the year I’m quiet and want to play safe.
  5. Heinz has a low debt level around 40% of its sales.
  6. Last but not least, my children love Ketchup. If I cant even explain them that ketchup is the death of good taste, I won’t be able to spread the word, no matter how may Posts I Blog!


1. deminvest - December 29, 2009

I did it (on zecco.com). Order detail:

Date of Order 12/29/2009 Order Status: Executed
Time of Order 2:14 PM Order Id201834572
Executed Size 24 Executed Price 43.13
Buy HNZ 24 Shares
Market N/A DAY
Total amount spent: 1035.12

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