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Another free stock on my portfolio: the ETF on Brazil stock index that I bought in June is 40% up today. ETF Name is DBXT MSCI BRAZ 1CC. October 16, 2009

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up 40% in three months

up 40% in three months

Another EUR 1000 coming back home from their 4 months trip to conquer me free stocks.

My “Free stock of the month” is an ETF. A nice one which replicates the price and yield performance of shares in the Brazilian market, as measured by the MSCI Brazil Index.

In June I had bought 30 of those . EUR 32.56 each. Total amount: EUR 979.75.

Now DBXT MSCI BRAZ 1CC is up 40%

Today I sold 22 of those for EUR 45.35 each. Total amount cashed out by me: EUR  991.4

I now own 8 free shares of DBXT MSCI BRAZ and EUR 11 more on my bank account!



1. scubaxx - October 17, 2009

Hi Deminvest,

Who is your broker? (what service do you use to trade) E*TRADE, zecco ?

Thanks in advacne

2. deminvest - October 19, 2009

I trade both on Etrade and zecco. I have most of my old stocks on Etrade. Most new investments are on zecco because commissions are much lower.

3. Mike - November 6, 2009

You might take a look at the OptionHouse (http://www.optionshouse.com/rates/). The trades are $2.95, and when you open a new account with at least $3,000 with the promo code FREE100, you get the 100 free trades work for both stock and options trades, and are good for 60 days after funding.

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