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I sold 70 Vance Info (VIT) shares today: they’re 40% up since I bought them in May 2008 June 30, 2009

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VanceInfo Technologies is a Chinese software house.

A year ago I bought VIT because it was Chinese largest software house. I considered that fact as a great advantage over Indian software houses, which ended up losing more than half of their value in a year . Maybe I was right (link). Maybe I was just lucky to hit a well managed software house.

Today,  I sold 70 shares of a great company:  Vance Info (VIT). I sold them at $14.6 each. I made a total amount of $ 1022. I had bought 100 of them at 10.50 each in May, spending a sum of $1050.

So I got  my money back (except $18 due to a mistake Imade with Trailing Stop Order), and I still have 30 Vance Info shares that I got for free. They are now worth $438.00 and that I will try to keep forever. This is yet another example of the free stock strategy. 🙂

I had to sell Vance Info because of my strategy, but I do think it is still a great company to own. The  reasons that made me buy it are still there. What is really amazing about Vance Info,in this market, is

  1. Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 46.80%
  2. Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):25.70%
  3. Total Cash (mrq):81.36M
  4. Total Debt (mrq):0 (yea ZERO debt)

Vance Info is still very good and I happy to own 30 of its shares. I’m even happier to know that I got them for free :-)


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