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Robbing American high tech companies. Europe did it again: $ 1.44 Billion fine for using illegal sales tactics May 13, 2009

Posted by deminvest in investment.

This is what I wrote last year: “European Union is finding a new interesting way to finance its huge bureaucracy: they impose billion dollars sanctions on Microsoft” here is the  link.

Since it worked so well,they are doing it again. I still think that US should retaliate imposing equivalent fines on  European exporting to the US.

I have to quote myself again:

It is too easy for European Union bureaucrats to finance themselves with sanctions on a foreign company. If European exporters had to pay duties for the same amount, maybe it would become a bit less popular to impose those sanctions, and on the larger scale of international trade, there would be a perfect balance.


1. criollo - May 13, 2009

The fines are nothing less than a shakedown, just like the MSFT shakedowns of the past. Yes, the US should retaliate immediatly. And AMD, a me too company, should be ashamed of itself for using European courts to fight for their incompetence.

2. deminvest - May 13, 2009

Europe should actually be ashamed for its inability to start any decent high tech company and for its robberies on US innovators.
I bet their next target will be Google.

The European Union’s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, almost admitted the robbery with her tasteless joke referring to Intel’s new “Sponsors of Tomorrow” ad campaign:

“Now they are the sponsors of the European taxpayers,”

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