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My March buy was MCD McDonald’s Corporation, bacause it is global, fairly priced, and yields good 3.80% dividends May 5, 2009

Posted by deminvest in investment.

On Apr 20, 2009 I bought 20 MCD McDonald’s Corporation shares at $ 55.35 each.

Reasons why I bought:

  • McDonald’s earnigs are still growing 3.50% year on year, even though low dollar hurt MCD’s international sales
  • MCD pays hefty $2 yearly dividends, yielding 2.8% in nice clean cash
  • McDonald’s meals are cheap. Recession won’t hurt MCD
  • Mc Donald’s is global. Children from all over the planet like its burgers, fries and Happy Meals. People traveling will always know they find a meal which may be quite unhealthy, but will not make them sick the next day and a reasonably clean bathroom.


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