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links for 2008-09-03 September 3, 2008

Posted by deminvest in investment.


1. Kat - September 5, 2008

Hi, Im a unknown girl from Europe. My name is Katerina. Have heared very clever man to talk about buying some shares of TSL comp. – today. Unfortunately, I have no a smallest knowledge of doing so…. so, It might brings you luck if you do so and buy some now.! Let me know. Woud be nice if you share some profit with me too, even thouhgt I dont believe it. Bye. Kat Ps: Let me know. 🙂

2. Kat - September 5, 2008

…and also shares of JASO He was buying … talking to someone in NY stock market. … Just trying to find id on net… simillar stuff. Is someone there?

3. deminvest - September 8, 2008


I have 62 TSL shares https://deminvest.wordpress.com/category/tsl/ and I’m very happy to own them. It is a very good company.

If you want to buy them too, you need a trading account able to buy on US markets.

I suggest you open an account on: http://www.zecco.com . This is how I opened mine from Europe:


I hope all this can be useful for you

BTW JASO is also a very good company, producing solar panels and growing well. Its numbers are maybe even better than TSL’s

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