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Good news for zecco: $25 Million raised. What about us users? November 28, 2007

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Free Trade at zecco

Zecco just raised $25 Million in fresh venture capital funds. Those funds add to previous $10 Million which allowed the company to arrive to where it is now.

Will we get better service? I definitely think so.

Now that Zecco has the money, let’s hope they’ll use them well. Our wish list?

1) Brand new website. Please flush current zecco.com site down the toilet.

2) Customer support. Please answer our emails and our phone calls. No, not using randomly assembled words like you did so far.

3) Back to 40 free trades per month. Yea most of us don’t use them, but we do feel good having them. Plus if we don’t use them, why should Zecco bother taking them away from us?

4) Lift stupid limitations that ruin user experience and cost you less than the idiotic stamps you attach to your useless letters:

  • forget about “Buying power”. It is a useless complicated concept. When I sell a stock I want to be able to use the money to immediately buy another. Making me wait for a week earns Zecco few cents in interest, but makes me very nervous.
  • Some kind of orders like Trailing Stop Orders have an idiot limit of at least 100 shares. One hundred shares of Google are worth more than $ 65,000. One hundred Blockbuster shares are worth $400. Zecco people, don’t you think it is idiot to allow me to use Trailing Stop Orders for my BBI and not for my GOOG?

If you Zecco guys make our reasonable wishes true we, the people will for Zecco more than you can possibly imagine:

  1. Once you remember to put a little check-box on zecco.com, we will be happy to chose to stop receiving those idiot letters at every transaction. It will save Zecco more than 30 cents on every transaction, it will save trees and will also slightly diminish world’s garbage.
  2. We will do for Zecco a viral marketing that will attract crowds of investors to start using zecco.
  3. If you make it better, we may even join your idiot community site. We haven’t yet, because you know Zeccans, till now, your community site does really suck.
  4. I will even suggest you how to make a decent community site: buy icarra.com. It is a simple low budget site for portfolio graphs and community. You can probably buy it for less that $100,000 and it is well done. When you buy Icarra, please don’t forget to hire their webmaster: he’s better than yours and I’m sure he’d accept a much lower pay.


1. Bob Sanders - April 14, 2008

@#$%^ zecco: “The site is currently down for scheduled upgrades.”
since 10am and I have a stock dropping, losing me a couple hundred bucks, far more than several months free trades! I will switch my active trading primarily to my sogoelite account ( one dollar trades although none free, 10$ monthly fee, extended hour trades); however, note that currently setting up account and making deposits require snailmail! Will use zecco only for my buy and hold trades.

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