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GAI Global Tech Appliances up 30% in one day: sometimes the obvious happens… even on stock markets October 18, 2007

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Imagine a company owning more cash then what its Market Capitalization. Imagine the same company also owning large real estate in China whose value went up faster than Chinese stock markets.

I found such a company a few months ago, I posted about it and threw $1029 on GAI buying 300 shares at $3.43 each.

Yes, the company was having some troubles with its current product lines, but they were building new factories to produce other products. My idea was simple. I can only have simple ides…:

in China, with large real estate properties and huge amounts of cash, you can produce just about anything and make money.

It seemed to me an obvious forecast, but nothing is obvious on stock-markets…

Slowly slowly GAI Global Tech Appliances stock price started to climb… last Thursday GAI came out with a quarter report that was showing how the new products are going to bring earnings. Well, in a single day, GAI price went up 30%. So fast that, fortunately, I didn’t even have time to sell shares wit a 40% gain:

I sold 200 GAI shares at $5.41 with a 57% gain on them. I got $1082 cash back, so I made a little cash more than I spent to buy the 300. I plan to keep my remaining free 100 Global Tech Alliances shares forever. They are worth $461 today, but I think they will continue to go up.

I hope I will cry for selling at 5.41… I do like to “Earn, Sell and Cry”, I want free stocks and will do my best to behave according to my “Free stocks strategy”.


1. Eric Nagel - October 18, 2007

I’ve done the earn, sell and cry a few times (GRMN, DLB, NTDY) but have sold done the earn, sell and cheer (JBLU, UTI, YHOO). My theory is, don’t be greedy.

Good pick on this stock. I tend to avoid stocks < $10 because of the volatility. Maybe I should reconsider that portion of my investing system.

2. Deminvest - October 18, 2007

Eric, if I think about Garmin….


I did the “Post b.s., Cancel Order, and Cry” on Garmin. I convinced myself (and hopefully nobody else) that Garmin was a bad stock and canceled my order to buy.

GRMN stock price is up 153% since the day I canceled my order. Sales and earnings are both up more than 70% in a year.

I reread that post every now and then to be aware of how wrong my reasoning can be.

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