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Just sold 28 ACH Aluminium Corp of China shares June 14, 2007

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I sold them because ACH went up 50% in three months, which is even higher than my target (40%).

According to my “New free stock strategy” and to my “Sell earn and cry strategy”, this is what I did:

  1. on March 20 2007 I bough 40 (ACH) Alumium Corp of China shares . I paid $25,21per share. I spent a total of $1008.4.
  2. today I sold 28 ACH shares. I made $38.18. I made $1069.04.
  3. I still own 12 Aluminium Corp of China shares, worth $458.16. I got them for free and I plan to hold forever.

I am glad that I can hold those 12 ACH shares. Aluminium Corp of China is a great company.

Even though it is 50% more expensive than it was less than 3 months ago, I still think it is good stock to own. It is not easy to find good data about ACH. I used Google Finance this time. This what I found:

P/E 11.56

Revenue growth 2006 on 2005: 65%

Earnings growth 2006 on 2005: 62%

Those ratios seem fine still fine. What I wrote about ACH in March is still true, but with 50% more ACH is a bit less of a bargain.


1. witek - June 14, 2007

my friend you should have kept your 40 shares of ACH until the day you retire. one day one ACH share will be worth $500 and pay a good divident.

2. AngelInvestor5000 - June 14, 2007

A Democrat investor! What an oxymoron! I don’t think you are very bright or very rich.

3. AngelInvestor5000 - June 14, 2007

Hey dude. I am so sorry about my previous sarcastic remark. I have read some other messages you have posted earlier. You seem like a very nice and intelligent guy. Sorry. I wish I could take back my previous message. Just so you know I am an investor and don’t really take any party line politically. I was just trying to be funny.

4. deminvest - June 14, 2007


I hope it will. My remaining 12 would be worth $6000. I also do love good dividends!

Witek I prefer to sell, earn and cry rather then hold, lose and cry louder!

5. deminvest - June 14, 2007

Angel Investor, thank you very much for your messages. I really appreciated the fact that you changed your mind and that you liked some of my posts. They are actually not intended to be bright, but they are sincere and open.

I am not American, so to me “Democratic” is connected to the idea of Democracy.

I do think that in today’s global World, governments have smaller contoll on corporation. Maybe we can have better Democracy if simple people own most shares of large corporations.

… No I am not very rich 🙂

6. fakefate - June 14, 2007

hey deminvest, I cannot agree more on your New Free Stock Strategy. but there is some point that are not clear to me:
1. in order to get 40% rise, do you set any time frame? within a year or 2 maybe?
2. I hope you don’t mind to share your strategy on how you deal with the stock that “never”(I hate to say this word, let’s say in 2 years?) up 40%, or unfortunately, even keep dropping. Do you set any stop?
3. from the stock you pay attention to, i guess you are a chinese? 🙂

Thanks for the excellent blogging

7. deminvest - June 14, 2007

well Fakefate,
thank you very much for your comment.
You are very welcome to use my strategy, even though I am not sure at all that it is a good one.
I am not a professional, so always keep in mind that I may be wrong.
Said that, I will happy to answer your questions:
1) I will only sell if I make a 40% within 8 years, otherwise I plan to keep stocks.
2) I don’t set any stop. I actually plan to keep the stock. I don’t need stops because I invest little on every company. I have a budget of $1000 to invest every month. Every month I chose a stock in this marvelous big world.
What happens is:
when markets are going down I continue investing my monthly $1000 and I can’t sell anything.
when markets go up, most of my stocks gain and many hit the target. I sell and turn them into free stock. This cannot happen for every company, but most stocks go up when markets are good.
3) Nope, I am not Chinese 🙂 . I just noticed that there were in China good companies, still reasonably priced, with high growth, and good earnings, so I bought. Right now I look more at US Nasdaq for good opportunities. The Nasdaq is stuck for years. At the same times some of its components have enjoyed good revenue and earnings growth and seem undervalued now.

8. len - June 14, 2007

am just curious.. what’s the percentage of ur portfolio that has evened out from the free stock strategy?.. it’s okay to say more than 50 % or less than 50 %. a precise answer is well appreciated. thank you for being so sincere and open.

9. deminvest - June 15, 2007

More than 50% is free 🙂

I have 87 TOTAL stocks:

45 (51.7 %) are FREE STOCKS
23 (26.4 %) are GAINING but haven’t reached my target yet
19 (21.8%) are LOSING

Plus there is one stock, my worse mistake, which has been delisted when it filed for bankruptcy: (NEW) New Century. Details on “My Investing Mistakes” https://deminvest.wordpress.com/tag/my-investing-mistakes/

It is interesting to consider that, getting back the money invested into stocks that are now free, helped me buy other stocks that became free themselves, stocks that are posting gains and some stocks that are posting losses.

With this “Free Stocks strategy” it was relatively easy to build such a large portfolio. It was cool to be able to buy shares of companies doing business of all kinds from all continents. It is also fun to discuss them with my friends here on the Blog!

10. len - June 15, 2007

thank you my friend. I wish u good luck!

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