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I sold 500 Vodafone (VOD) shares this week. June 8, 2007

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I did it for two reasons:

1) Vodafone reached my target price: it went up 40%. According to my free stock strategy I sell enough shares top get back the total amount I had previously invested and keep remaining shares forever, because they are “Free Shares” now.

2) I think Vodafone is facing more future threats than opportunities. Selling its services mostly in mature markets, it is not easy for Vodafone to grow. Acquisitions in developing markets are expensive. Also wifi telephony is becoming a reality that could cut mobile operators’ revenues.

Vodafone in the World

Last week I decided to buy China Mobile (CHL) shares. I took the decision by comparing CHL with VOD (Vodafone)

I am only a bit sorry because, by selling Vodafone, I sold a stock with a juicy 4.2% dividend yield.

Anyway this is my transaction:

on June 4 2007 I sold 500 VODE shares at at EUR 2.42 each, cashing EUR 1,210.

I still have 233 VODE shares worth EUR 550. Since by selling I got my money back, I have those 233 for free!


1. len - June 13, 2007

congratulations and good luck to the next investments!

2. deminvest - June 14, 2007

Thank you Len!

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