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My 90 Unilever went 40% up in a year, so I sold 65 at $33.17 today May 9, 2007

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Today I sold 65 shares of Unilever, a great stock, because of my New Free Stock Strategy. As usual, I brought all my invested money back to my bank account and still have 25 precious UL shares in my portfolio.

A few Unilever Brands

Uniler owns some of World’s best known brands


On March 16 2006 I bought the equivalent of 90 UL spending the equivalent of $23,4722 each, for a total ammount of $2112.5.

I posted on Deminvest the day I bought. Since there was a 9 to 5 stock split on May 25 2006, the numbers of shares and prices will be confusing, but the reasons that made me take the excellent decision to buy and the fact that I had a 40% gain are good :-)…

Today I sold 65 UL at$33.17 making $2156 to put back into my bank account.

I am an happy owner of 25 Unilever shares worth $830.

Unilever is still a great company to own and offers a nice 3.6% dividend yield. Since I bought it a year ago, UL reduced its debt from $15B to 14B, which is excellent. UL also owns $2.28B cash

A great report about Unilever is on Fat Pitch Financials, he made 70% on UL, and his research is worth a look

Unilever had the ability of this company to:

1) deliver value to us shareholders,

2) pay us juicy dividends

3) reduce debts

All at the same time! I wish all the stocks I set my eyes on could did the same!


1. len - May 10, 2007

congratulations and good luck for the rest of ur investments!

2. Jica - May 10, 2007

You usually mention P/E ratio. Why didn’t you this time?

3. deminvest - May 10, 2007

%&°#! I was busted.

I tried to avoid the subject because there is something very confusing about UL’s current P/E:

Yahoo finance says 3.82,
Google Finance says 6.13

I think they got wrong numbers:

1) maybe because there was a stock split in 2006 and the miscalculate P/E using current share price and pre-split earning or

2) matybe because they majority of its European Frozen Foods division to Permira Funds for EUR 1,725 billion in 2006 and that produced one time earnings that some financial websites can’t evaluate correctly.

Anyway financial sites do agree much better on Unilevewer’s forward P/E for next year, so I consider much safer to make investing decisions based on that number:

Forward P/E between 17 and18: fair.

4. deminvest - May 10, 2007

Len, thank you :-).
Actually it is not very hard to hit targets when the market has an uptrend, but I do enjoy my good guessing on Unilever 🙂

5. sluu001 - May 11, 2007

Nice congrats on your earnings. Why didn’t you mention P/E ratio for UL?

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