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I just bought 5 more (GOOG) Google shares because they are cheap and strong April 27, 2007

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I have been posting for a month about the big three money makers Google EBay and Microsoft. This week they all announced great earnings, which was no surprise to me.

Google Strenght

What surprises me is the fact that the three “Wonders of the World” did not show important stock rise. Must be the old wolf Bubble still scaring backward looking analysts.

What does a stubborn minded proletarian investors do when he sees that professional gurus and overpaid analysts are all underestimating the NASDAQ?

He buys buys buys… More than he can afford.

Google is cheap. It has about the same price it had at the beginning of 2006, but meanwhile its earnings and revenue doubled. Maybe I shod have more doubts about Google, like Finance Ninja has, but now I am buying:

1) the best brand in the world,

2) the fastest growing large company,

3) the giant that everybody admires,

4) the largest Internet audience on Earth,

5) Worlds greatest innovators

at Forward P/E: 25.09 according to Yahoo Finance.

I say: “forward P/E= 25.09 is peanuts!”… Also, we should not forget that Google has a the habit of beating those expectations. If Google continues beating them, we could see it with P/E under 20 in a short time-span.

Google has:

  • PEG Ratio (5 yr expected): 1.0, which is good.
  • Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):62.60%,
  • Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):69.20%, which are great.
  • Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday): 43.09, which is ok for the top growth stock.
  • Total Cash: 11.94B

I already had 1 Google stock that I had for free, thanks to the “Free Stock Strategy”.

2 minutes ago I bought 5 more GOOG shares at USD 479.96, spending a total amount of USD 2399.8.

And let’s leave the boring professional warn everybody about the “Bubble”…

By the way, those old minded boring Wall Streeters are 100% missing the Web 2.0 .

They don’t understand anything about web 2.0.

They can’t even organize an IPO anymore. They loose all their earnings opportunities for themselves and for investors. All about Web 2.0 happens in California, where Youtube, Skype, Myspace and other successful great “Delicious” cakes are baked, bought, sold and eaten without letting Wallstreeters taste a bite!

The only two ways for us to join Web 2.0 business are:

1) Start a Web 2.0 Venture or at least work in one

2) Purchase stock of a public company like Google, leader of Web 2.0 technology and buyer of Web 2.0 companies.

We are definitely to lazy for n.1… So I buy as many GOOGs as I can!


1. Connor H - July 13, 2007

RIGHT ONE THE MONEY- I am long google and share the same reasons for buying them- Except one critique… A peg of 1.0 for google… is GREAT, not good- With that quality of a company, and growing so fast, that is a GREAT peg, ESPECIALLY when the MUCH inferior yahoo has a peg of around 2.0… this is what i think, a comletely undeserved underevaluation of google… its going to 1100 by 2010.

2. deminvest - July 14, 2007

I agree. Google is the best. It is my first holding: about 8% of my stock assets

3. Internet Marketing Fool » Blog Archive » I Own Google - December 3, 2007

[…] back when it first went public in 2004 at sub-$100 or even just a few months ago like another blogger whose 5 shares bought at $2399.80 are now worth in the region of $3465. That’s a 44% return […]

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