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Directly from EBAY staff-member to Deminvest: another good reason for owning EBAY: Enthusiasm of young smart people who work there April 18, 2007

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Last week I wrote a post about EBay stock that was too focused on money and numbers. Dennis with his comment made clear that there is something as important as numbers driving EBAY’s growth: Enthusiasm.

Colorful Ebay

The best I can do is… quote – answer -thank :

On April 17, 2007 Dennis, International Marketing Manager at eBay.com:

Dennis quotes Deminvest post about EBAY, Google and Microsoft: “Then why do people at Google and EBay show up in the morning? Simple! To make even more money! To make the software better, to attract new people willing to throw money at their magic boxes.”

Dennis Comments: ” I’m showing up at work, not only for the reasons stated above here. It’s because eBay is really changing peoples lives. Can you imagine that 1.5 million people worldwide are living from what they buy and sell on eBay!
Being part of such a big social impact is an incredible feeling.
And besides that, eBay gives me the opportunity to grow.”

Deminvest answers: “Dennis, I am sorry. I did not mean to underestimate your enthusiasm for being at EBay. I just wanted to make clear that, unlike traditional companies, most of EBay staff is working for future developments rather than everyday product delivery.

I think that you do work in a wonderful company. And yes it must be an incredible feeling to work in teams that are changing the world like you guys are doing at EBay and young people like you are doing at Google.

In some ways we have something in common: we both are stakeholders of EBay. Your stakes are larger. You live at EBay there many good and productive hours everyday, and, hopefully for you, you get a good pay for your commitment. I am just a simple EBay – Paypal – Skype users and a $2.217,6 shareholder, but we are both interested in this company, betting on it and confident it will do great.

Thank you for your enthusiasm in making Ebay better everyday, and thank you for commenting on my simple, but sincere Blog.”

… And we will all thank you even more… if EBay posts better than expected earnings and sales and profits today after the bell 🙂


1. Dennis Goedegebuure - April 18, 2007

I guess eBay made you a happy man today 😀

Greetings from a Dutchie in San Francisco.

2. deminvest - April 19, 2007

Yes, boosting profits 52% on revenues that went up 27%, makes me just love you Ebayers!

Unfortunately the path is always rocky under the naked foot of a “proletarian” investor.
China is preventing me from being “a happy investor today”: Shanghai Composite index fell 4.52% and a general selloff is spreading over international markets.

3. Randy Smythe - April 19, 2007

I wonder what he thinks about the statement eBay CEO made today during the conference call. Here is the url

“CEO Meg Whitman is going over why eBay’s sites in U.S. and Germany aren’t growing faster. Two initiatives to improve the quality of the marketplaces – getting rid of commodity listings like low-priced books and DVDs, and booting fraudulent sellers off the site – are holding back growth in gross merchandise value, Whitman says.

Thousands of eBay Media sellers are shaking in their boots at this moment because eBay Management is only about the money. They may shortly be putting thousands of sellers out of business. Good job eBay!

4. len - April 19, 2007

i thought u are also selling on e-bay.. coz then u know what the experience is as a seller of antiques.. that sort of thing.

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