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I just sold 45 Expedia (EXPE) shares at $23,44 each. April 11, 2007

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Why? Because of my Free Stock Strategy

I had bought 60 Expedia shares in November 2006. This stock went up 40% so fast that in 5 months I got all my money back and will keep my free 15 EXPE shares worth $350 in my Portfolio.

I am glad that my $1000 are back safe in my pocket, because I do think that hotel booking is a very simple service and eventually it will happen free of commissions.

Expedia will have a hard time as soon as projects like Hotel Coalition gain momentum. I don’t think that when we are booking an hotel should pay a 10% commission to a simple service like Expedia. I think all the money should go to Hotel owners to help them provide us with better (and cheaper) service.

Until the World changes to a low cost place, I hope my remaining 15 EXPE shares will continue going up.


1. lourdes - October 19, 2008

how those this stocks works how much for a beginner to star with an how much can i get back with 200.dollars

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