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Which are world’s 10 largest stock markets by market capitalization? January 24, 2007

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[newer data available thanks to Kian]

That interesting (or stupid?) question came to my mind. I don’t know how. The Internet has its special way to hide from you figures that matter, and flood you with detailed, plentiful, useless numbers. So All I could find are the figures of year 2000.

The world’s 10 largest stock markets by market capitalisation at the end of 2000
(in $ million)

1 United States 15,104,037
2 Japan 3,157,222
3 United Kingdom 2,576,992
4 France 1,446,634
5 Germany 1,270,243
6 Canada 841,385
7 Switzerland 792,316
8 Italy 768,364
9 Netherlands 640,456
10 Hong Kong 623,398

Those numbers are the best I could get on-line.

Those figures seem to come from the Economist, but I am not sure they are right. I found somewhere that the NYSE alone has $19.7 trillion now. Maybe it is because prices of stock went up since year 200o, but maybe the guys at the economist forgot the Nasdaq. We, simple people, always need to have big doubts about what the “Big Guys” say. They are as lazy and as clumsy as we are, but they also have such big egos that they blindly believe in their own bullshit and publish them in places where they become “The truth” for everybody.

So we never believe anybody, we are skeptical about everything and we always invest knowing there is big chances we are wrong .

What Really surprizes me reading those figures is how important Wall Street is: US Stock market alone is larger than the sum of the other 9 larger stock markets in the world. Probably the sum of the economies of those other countries is much larger than US economy. This shows how advanced US financial services are and how reasonable it is for investors from all over the world to use Wall Street for their stock investments.

If you can find more accurate figures about 10 largest stock markets in the world, please take the time to post a small comment on this simpleton’s Blog.


1. deminvest - February 27, 2007

I found some more updated numbers for Nasdaq and NYSE:

the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have
increased from $11.6 trillion at the end of 2002 to $17.4 trillion as of June 30, 2005 indicating the attractiveness of U.S. capital markets.


2. deminvest - February 27, 2007

Some good numbers from trusted source at 2005 Year End:

market capitalization of NYSE’s 2,775 $21.7 trillion

market capitalization of Tokyo Stock Exchange $4 trillion

market capitalization of Nasdaq $3.6 trillion

market capitalization of London Stock Exchange $3 trillion

market capitalization of Euronext $2.5 trillion

market capitalization of Deutsche Boerse $1.2 trillion


It seems that US markets made their leadership even stronger

3. Will Chinese Shanghai stock market’s 9% drop drag Wall Street and other great stock exchanges to heavy loss? Is it time to buy China stocks? « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - February 27, 2007

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4. Vijay - April 17, 2007

The market capitalization of Bombay Stock Exchange is $834.59 Bn which is almost equal to that of Canada. Please update your list.

5. deminvest - April 17, 2007

Thank you for giving us some fresh data. I own several indian stocks and I am really glad indian markets are doing so well. As soon as I find fresher Capitalization Data for all world markets I will write a new post with current Capitalizations and include your number. Also thanks for the interesting links.

6. eas - August 4, 2007

Vijay, your data is as 2007, the best thing about deminvest data is that is all from one year, which makes the numbers comparable.

I’ve been trying to compare the number of sanctions given to companies per year per market. The number of sanctions shows how “efficient” the market can be rated. If Germany for example has over 6000 companies and a market capitalization of 1.1 trillion (by 2004 year end) and only has given 50 sanctions, it might mean that their rules are too flexible and that the public data given by the companies listed there are more prone to be wrong, than the numbers given by companies in the U.S. markets.

It would be interesting to compare the number of sanctions vs market capitalization per country.

7. R Chune - October 25, 2007

The TSX market cap is currently $1.8 trillion

8. deminvest - October 25, 2007

Thanks Chune, but I was wondering what is TSX, and do you have a link?

9. Kian - January 1, 2008

World Federation of Exchanges is a source that you can consider


10. 10 largest stock markets in te World by market capitalization in 2005 and 2006 (with interesting preview of 2007 data) « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - January 2, 2008

[…] Thanks to Kian, for giving us the ultimate source for this interesting data. […]

11. S. K. Basrur - January 22, 2008

Can anyone give me guidance on investing in top stock exchanges as I am located in India and I feel I am isolated, however I would like to invest in some good stocks in international markets & looking for blue chip international scrips, anyone out there can guide me on this please!!

12. Anti - January 23, 2008

Basrur, you can open a free trading account at zecco.com .
Thare are several posts about it on this site:

13. Andy - February 29, 2008
14. Arthur - May 15, 2008

Hello everyone! Would you pls tell what the market capitalization of the whole world is? Thanks in advance.

15. Kevin - September 9, 2008


16. Souvik Das - October 3, 2008

Could you please specify India’s position in the World’s Stock Markets?

17. Souvik Das - October 3, 2008

This data is of the year 2000,and is absolutely useless. Loads have changed since then.I would suggest that you prepare a new and an accurate list for 2008.

18. deminvest - October 3, 2008
19. deminvest - October 3, 2008

India’s position was tenth at the end of 2007:

this is the data at the end of 2007:

NYSE Group 15,650,832.5
Tokyo SE Group 4,330,921.9
Euronext 4,222,679.8
Nasdaq 4,013,650.3
London SE 3,851,705.9
Shanghai SE 3,694,348.0
Hong Kong Exchanges 2,654,416.1
TSX Group 1 2,186,550.2
Deutsche Börse 2,105,197.8
Bombay SE 1,819,100.5

20. Brock MacLean\ - December 16, 2008

We never ever hear any reference on the non-Canadian news sources about the Canadian stock market, yet often here about the market in Hong Kong which is less valuable. Sometimes it’s like the Americans dont even acknlowedge us as they almost think that we belong to them anyways….they refer to Australia lots but never a mention about Canada, even on the day of our federal election…just muzing…

21. Andrei - January 2, 2009

It’s amazing how you never here about that TSX stock exchange in Canada even though it was the 6th biggest exchange in the world, now 8th.

Scanning exchanges around the world, news media mention the Australian exchange, the Swiss exchange, the Spanish exchange, Brazil’s Bovespa, Germany’s Deutsche Borse, and Bombay, but the TSX is bigger than all of these.

Until recently it was even bigger than Hong Kong or Shanghai. The Economist magazine also seems to have a blind spot when it comes to Canada. It’s just bizarre.

22. sajjad hossain - February 3, 2009

can i get the market capitalization of nyse on the date of 3rd february 2009?

23. pk robert - October 6, 2009

this is 2009. your data is a decade old. Pl.remove it from Inet

24. Deminvest - October 7, 2009

Sorry Robert, but I don’ like to remove or modify a post that has comments. I own the Post, but not the comments.

data from October 2008 here:


Will produce 2009 as soon as possible.

25. zaid khan - June 2, 2010

it’s all rubish where is pakistan………

26. Ahmed Tsikplornu - December 8, 2010

I am interest into stock marketing, so I like to join. Thanks

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