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Ebay was beaten up by the market since my last Goog vs article. So what now? April 28, 2006

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I had the luck to guess right two weeks ago on:


Ebay went down 10% from 38.59 to 34.86
Goog went up 4% from 402.16 to 417.19
And now that Google is more exensive and Ebay is cheaper, which should I prefer to buy?

A spread of about 15% can change a lot about the way I decide to invest in one of those Internet winner companies.

Now Ebay has: P/E 45.70 and Future P/E 41.35
Goog: P/E 73.95 and Future P/E 56.49

the difference between the 2 companies is all there:
Ebay Quarterly Revenue Growth 34.80% and
Goog Quarterly Revenue Growth 79.40%.

So Ebay is cheaper, but growing at a slower pace. Google is growing faster but it is more expensive.

On Ebay's side is today's very interesting news that its Skype has doubled the number of users form 50 Millions to 100 Millions worldwide. They don't bring much money to Ebay so far, but maybe someday they will

So it is a no call on my opinion. There is no winner and well the reason that I had to prefer Google has disappeared with the hefty 15% spread that was formed in the last two weeks with Ebay going cheaper and Google more expensive.

I am afraid I need to continue holding both companies, for their exciting future opportunities.


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