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Italian stock market after hard to call election April 12, 2006

Posted by deminvest in investment.

There are not only China and India, there is also old Europe and ancient Italy, which is a strange stock market, with some interesting picks. Eni and Enel first of all. They are both  Dogs of The Eurostoks, very solid companies among the largest in Europe and yielding jucy dividedends.

What will happen to italian stock markets now that Prodi and left wings parties won Italy's elections by 0,1% of the votes ? Basically nothing. The little majority they have will not allow left wings parties to shift strongly Italy's economical life, so energy companies like Eni, Enel and major Banks, will continue to prosper in a protected economical enviroment and Italy's GNP growth will continue to be about 0.9% lower than  average European growth. 

By the way ENI and Enel are worth being in your portfolio: why not take advantage of the fact that italians will have to pay energy more than all other Europens for another 5 years?

ENI.MI has a dividend yield of 3,10 % and will get ENEL.MI gave 15% extraordinary dividend this year.


1. Tonio - April 25, 2006

…and I add in : Autostrade and Telecom Italia Media.

2. deminvest - April 25, 2006

Autostrade already had a 6.5% hike due to the merger with Spanish Albertis (what the heck is Albertis?) . I would wait and try to understand before investing in that. Telecom Italia is a very small company that just paid huge dividends. I would not really advise a foreign investor to bet on such a strange small cap.

3. Tonio - April 25, 2006

…sorry…I am Italian …so my english language is very bad…
but it seem that Prodi and left wings parties want to benefit Telecom Italia Media


4. deminvest - April 25, 2006

Thank you very much for the interesting advice about Telecom Italia Media.
It is absolutely true that italian left wings parties may try to hurt Berlusconi’s Mediaset and benefit Telecom Italia Media. It may be a good bet for inverstors ready to take risks.

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